Enjoy Our Take on the Perfect Fall Wreath!

Made from locally grown herbs and farm flowers! Hand crafted by the talented Master Gardener, Dan Vande Voort and Barnswallow Visual Artist, Meredith Nunnikhoven. These wreaths are filled to brim with several types of herbs, flowers and the hero, the lovely Sweet Annie. Enjoy our take on the perfect wreath made with hand picked materials and dried in a perfect circular form that welcomes in the fall season in any home. 

Pick up only from 4PM-7PM this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

*Note if we sell out of an item, we hope to restock if there is availability.
Thank you for your patience! XO, BSF

Sweet Annie is the Essence of Fall. Available for Sale Now!

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Barnswallow's Farm Mission

Growing flowers and food with sustainable, agricultural practices while supporting local economy & reducing our carbon footprint environmentally.

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